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Make sure the Easter Bunny is prepared

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Its that time of year again when we all enjoy over indulging in EASTER CHOCOLATE!!! The morning whereby chocolate is deemed as being a great substitute for anything logoremotely healthy; followed by a great big Easter Sundaylunch and then slob out in front of the TV - its like christmas all over again, but with fresh blue skies and a little furry Bunny!! If you do manage to fit in a walk in the Fresh Spring air, make sure the kiddies are entertained (prising them away from the chocolate) and have the Easter Bunny bring them a Scooter to race around on.  Have you seen the MICRO SCOOTER? more than likely, but did you know it is the best selling scooter in the UK and is quickly becoming huge across America and the rest of the world. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Jamie Oliver and Stella McCartney have all decided on the Micro Scooter as their scooter of choice.   At BabyBe: we have just been authorised as an official MICRO SCOOTER STOCKIST - this is exciting news for me; as a mum of 3 boys I first discovered the MINI MICRO SCOOTER in 2006 (they had only just begun being imported into the UK from Germany)  it ticked every box for my 3 year old son, he could have a scooter that was lightweight,  stable, easy to steer, and more than anything a scooter that wasnt made from metal so I didnt need to worry about his bashed ankles!!! As a mum doing the school run, this was also good news for me, and saved my poor ankles too.....the familiar feeling of walking home the scooter, and having it 180' pivot, only stopping once it had made contact with my poor ankle or flip flop wearing foot, was gone - yippee!!! The micro scooter, is fixed and doesnt have this pivot point for steering - the good news is this means you can pull the Micro scooter along and it will follow you, you can stand it free standing - no tripping over fallen scooters - and you can hang it from the pushchair or pop it in the under storage basket. The Mini Micro Scooter, meant that when Euan's younger brother came into the world, he was happy to give up his pushchair, and happily scoot along by the side of us - if he got tired I would just pull him along - beats having a Buggy board and ensured Euan was gaining his independence and having lots of fun!  The Mini then grew to the Maxi, and 7 years on, 3 boys we are still firmly MICRO SCOOTER fans.

If you would like more information on the Micro Scooter range, please get in touch 01480 213851 or contact us here




Mini Micro Scooter 3 in 1 Seat and O-Bar from £79.95 - ages 1 - 5 years

Mini Micro Scooters from £55 - ages  3 - 5 years

Maxi Micro Scooter from £99.95 - ages 6 to 12 years


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